Business Agent Deposit Reporting

For businesses with multiple locations, Webster offers the convenience and efficiency of using a single checking account.

Fast Facts

  • Streamlines reconciliation
  • Avoids cost of multiple accounts
  • Online reporting via Web-Link®

If you’re a multi-location business, Webster’s Agent Deposit Reporting lets you streamline accounting by using a single checking account for all deposits.

It works by assigning unique identification numbers to each of your locations, and then lets you track transactions online through Webster Web-Link®.

Webster’s Agent Deposit Reporting Offers You

  • A single checking account for all your deposits
  • Deposit tickets encoded with unique location numbers for tracking and reporting purposes
  • Convenient transaction tracking accessible online through Webster Web-Link® or summarized in hardcopy or electronic reports from Webster Web-Link®
  • Options for daily, weekly, and monthly reports
  • Reduced monthly bank fees when you eliminate separate accounts

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