Business Controlled Disbursement Services

At Webster, we give your money greater visibility, and help you recognize opportunities to improve cash flow.

Fast Facts

  • Same-day account monitoring
  • No need to pre-fund accounts
  • Informs investing + borrowing

To make smart decisions about your company’s cash flow, you need to know exactly when money comes in, and when it goes out.

With Controlled Disbursement services, Webster enables you to track your checking account balances every day via Webster Web-Link®, helping you make more informed investment and borrowing choices every time.

Webster’s Controlled Disbursement Services Offer You

  • Same-day monitoring of checks clearing against your account—in summary or detail format
  • Closer account balance tracking, including a daily report of the total value of all checks posted to your account
  • The ability to make more accurate investing and borrowing decisions

To learn more about Controlled Disbursement or our other Cash Management services, please call us at 1-888-932-2256 or email

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