Business International Payments

At Webster, we’ll help you navigate your overseas payment options, and streamline the process for your business.

Fast Facts

  • Electronic payments possible
  • Foreign drafts available
  • Overseas proceeds accepted

Foreign currencies, language barriers, international customs and regulations—the complications of overseas financial transactions can be overwhelming. At Webster, we’ll simplify the process and help you choose the best payment method for your business needs.

Webster Offers These International Payment Services

Wire Transfer
With Webster's convenient Wire Transfer services, you can initiate payments in USD and foreign currency. Now, Webster Web-Link®,our online reporting and transaction initiation system, allows you to obtain online rates and make secure payments in foreign currency to banks overseas.

Foreign Draft
We can issue a draft payable to your beneficiaries to be drawn on a bank in their country.

Clean Collection
This service allows Webster to send items overseas for payment. Proceeds are received by Webster and credited to your account.

Provisional Credit
At Webster, we can provide provisional credit for checks that are payable in a foreign currency subject to collection and final payment.

Risk Management – Forward Contract
Webster will contract with you to buy or sell foreign currency at an agreed exchange rate for delivery on a specified date, protecting you from unfavorable fluctuations in exchange rates. Non-deliverable forwards are an option when the standard forward is not available.

For more information on International Payments, please call us at 1-800-482-2220.