Business Repurchase Agreements

A fully secured investment, a Webster “repo” can be a good alternative for your deposits not covered by FDIC insurance.

Fast Facts

  • Good for short-term investing
  • Enjoy fixed rates of return
  • Buy gov’t-backed securities

A Webster Repurchase Agreement, or repo, is an easy way to make the most of cash you have on hand.

With repos, Webster sells you U.S. government or government agency backed securities from our investment portfolio and also agrees to buy them back on a specific date for a price based on a fixed rate of return. Simply put, you’re lending money and earning “interest” for the period you agree to.

Our Repurchase Agreements Offer You

  • Securities backed by the U.S. government
  • Interest paid at maturity for actual days based upon a 360-day year
  • Flexible maturity dates
  • No service charges

Keep in Mind

  • Repurchase Agreements are not bank deposits and do not qualify for FDIC insurance
  • Repurchase Agreements must link to a Webster Deposit Account
  • Minimum investment is $50K

To invest in our Repurchase Agreements, first open a Webster deposit account.

For more details on Repurchase Agreements, please call 1-888-578-2323, or email


Repurchase Agreements are not deposits of Webster Bank, nor are they eligible for Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insurance.