Not-for-Profit Lending

Managing a not-for-profit organization presents unique industry challenges that often aren’t addressed through a conventional approach to lending and financing. That’s why we’ve assembled a dedicated team of not-for-profit specialists to help you reach your goals.

Let Webster Be Your Partner

Our team of not-for-profit specialists will work closely with you to find the best borrowing options for both your short-term goals and long-term mission. Anytime you have questions or need product recommendations, we’ll have timely answers.

Connect with us today to review our Not-For-Profit Financial Services offerings and get specialized support for:

  • Unique financing needs. We’ll work with you and your Board of Directors to offer lending solutions tailored to your financial operations.
  • Lease financing options. We’ll help you find a flexible and cost-effective solution.
  • Everyday banking. Our industry specialists will go beyond lending to ensure your checking, savings and credit card needs are met.
  • Money and time saving solutions. While you’re busy running your not-for-profit, we’ll work to provide you with competitive pricing and discounts as well as simplified application processes.

Ready to get started? Call 203-316-5075
Call 203-316-5075

All credit products, pricing and overdraft protection are subject to the normal credit approval process. Some applications may require further consideration and/or supplemental information. Certain terms and conditions may apply. SBA guaranteed products may also be subject to additional terms, conditions and fees. Requires a Webster business checking account which must be opened prior to loan closing and which must be used for auto-deduct of payment.