Checking Accounts for Commercial Businesses

Better cash flow, simplified bookkeeping, convenient online access—Webster’s checking accounts offer features that balance the unique financial needs of your organization.

At Webster, we offer a range of checking accounts designed for your special needs, whether you’re a business, municipality, or nonprofit.

Commercial Checking

Created especially for businesses with high volume and cash management needs.

Enjoy benefits like:

  • Premium earnings credit rate to offset fees
  • Faster clearing times for deposited checks
  • Sophisticated online banking through Webster Web-Link®

Client Account Manager—Sub-Accounting

Designed for attorneys, real estate companies, property managers, title companies, municipalities, and any business that manages escrow funds.

Our client account manager simplifies bookkeeping and tax reporting by linking multiple interest-bearing “client” accounts to a single “master” account for consolidated reporting.

Specialty Checking (IOLTA and IOREBTA)

Recordkeeping is easier with these interest-bearing checking accounts tailored to the needs of law firms (IOLTA) and real estate brokers and agencies (IOREBTA).

Interest is sent automatically to the State Bar Association for IOLTA; IORETA interest goes to the State Housing Finance Authority to help provide down payment assistance to individuals who qualify.

Municipal Checking + Municipal Plus Checking®

These government-friendly, easy-to-use accounts were created with the needs of municipalities in mind. Choose from a simpler deposit account with standard “municipal pricing” and an interest-bearing account that offers varied levels of credit earnings and more recordkeeping and cash management tools.

Checking with Interest for Non-Profits

Among our many services we provide for non-profits, Webster offers an interest-bearing checking account for organizations with a large number of transactions and balances greater than $50,000.

Overdraft Protection

To protect you from the unexpected, short-term, or seasonal cash need, as well as your business’ credit standing, Webster can pay overdrafts up to pre-approved credit limits from $1,000 to $100,000.

For more details on our Commercial Checking accounts, please call us at 1-800-482-2220.

For All Accounts:

Bank rules and regulations apply. Rates and fees may vary by state and region.