Commercial Account Reconciliation

Webster can help reduce your clerical work by reconciling your checking accounts for you.

Fast Facts

  • Provides audit and fraud control
  • Offers degrees of documentation
  • Enhances cash forecasting

Whatever your accounting needs, Webster’s Account Reconciliation services can simplify your research and enhance your company’s audit control, cash forecasting, and general accounting functions. We can work with you to determine which services would work best for your organization.

Webster’s Account Reconciliation Services Include:

Partial Reconciliation

Get a complete list of each month’s paid checks in numerical order.

Full Reconciliation

Transmit your check issuance file to Webster each time checks are issued, and your account will be reconciled on a monthly basis, providing you with a list of checks still outstanding.

Positive Pay

Part of our comprehensive Fraud Services, Positive Pay lets you view potentially fraudulent items being presented against your checking account using Webster Web-Link®.