Commercial Documentary Collection

There’s no need to overcomplicate your overseas transactions with Webster’s simpler, alternative payment method.

Fast Facts

  • Less costly than Letter of Credit
  • Documents controlled by banks
  • Line of Credit not required

As a less complex, low-cost alternative to Letters of Credit, Webster offers comprehensive documentary collection services.

With this overseas payment solution, exporters and importers both benefit. Payments to exporters from creditworthy buyers in low-risk countries are facilitated, while importers enjoy lower expenses.

How Our Documentary Collection Works

For Exports Webster forwards your shipping documents to your buyer’s bank overseas who, in turn, releases them to the buyer in exchange for payment or a written acceptance to pay at a specified date.

With documentary collection, your competitive position in bidding for sales is enhanced since the buyer won’t need to use bank credit.

For Imports Webster receives shipping documents from your supplier's overseas bank and delivers them to you in exchange for payment or your written commitment to pay at a specified date.

We act as a collection agent and only upon your supplier’s instructions.

For more information on Documentary Collection, please call us at 1-877-864-2037.


All credit facilities are subject to the normal credit approval process.