Commercial Lockbox Processing

At Webster, we understand that the faster your customers’ payments are processed, the faster your organization gets paid.

Fast Facts

  • Reduces clerical accounting work
  • Offers same-day processing
  • Provides custom reporting

Collecting and processing payments doesn’t have to be a time-consuming clerical burden. With Webster’s Wholesale and Retail Lockbox processing, we do the bookkeeping work for you, and handle the payments processing on the same day they’re received.

A Wholesale lockbox is generally used for high dollar / low volume payments.

A Retail lockbox is generally used for high volume / low dollar payments.

How Lockbox Processing Works

  • 1. Your customers remit payment to you through a regional post office box.
  • 2. Webster picks them up that day, then copies, endorses, and deposits the items the same day.
  • 3. We re-associate the payments with any additional remittance information—along with custom
    data reports—and deliver them to you online via Webster Web-Link®, on a CD-ROM,
    or through File Transfer Protocol (FTP) delivery.


  • The convenience of automatic deposits
  • Custom analytics for more effective accounting
  • Timely reporting, for automatic receivables bookkeeping
  • Easy access to deposit documents for fast accounting research

To learn more about Lockbox Processing or our other Cash Management services, please email us at call us at 1-888-932-2256.

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