Commercial Paper

For your short-term investments, Commercial Paper can be a quick option for diversification.*

Fast Facts

  • Offers fixed maturity date
  • Maturities from 1-270 days
  • Subject to safekeeping fee

Commercial Paper represents an unsecured, uninsured promissory note issued by creditworthy corporations. With shorter maturity dates, they can provide an ideal way for diversifying your business’ investments.

At Webster, we provide access to Commercial Paper issuers, and we’ll work with you to find the investment that meets your needs.

Commercial Paper Offers

  • Maturities ranging from overnight to 270 days
  • Ability to purchase at discount or on interest-bearing basis

Keep in Mind

  • Minimum investment is $100K
  • Transactions incur a fee
  • Commercial Paper is not a bank deposit and is not FDIC insured
  • Interest rates are subject to market conditions
  • Commercial Paper must link to a Webster Deposit Account

For more details on Commercial Paper, please call us at 1-888-578-2323, or email


Commercial Paper is not a bank deposit and does not qualify for FDIC insurance.

* Not available to municipalities.