Health Savings Accounts

A unique tax-advantaged account that is used to pay for current or future healthcare expenses

Fast Facts

  • Use your HSA funds to pay for eligible healthcare expenses
  • A tax-advantaged health savings account
  • Unused funds roll over year to year

HSA Bank® is a division of Webster Bank, and a national leader of Health Savings Account (HSA) administration. HSA Bank provides an innovative HSA solution that works in conjunction with a qualified High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP).

HSA Bank makes it easy when you combine a HDHP from your insurance provider with a tax-advantaged HSA. Together, they can offer you health, savings and tax advantages that a traditional health plan can’t duplicate. While paying lower premiums for your HDHP, you can put those savings into your HSA. You can use your HSA funds to pay for eligible healthcare expenses until you meet your annual deductible

Health Savings Accounts Offer You

  • Contributions can be made with pre-tax dollars, which reduces your taxable income
  • Any after-tax contributions made to your HSA are tax deductible
  • HSA funds earn interest tax free and when used for eligible healthcare expenses are also free from tax

Keep in Mind

  • An exceptional customer service experience: Our priority is helping you understand how to take full advantage of your HSA. Our Client Assistance Center Representatives are dedicated to providing the guidance you need to successfully access, manage, and grow your HSA funds
  • Easy contributions and withdrawals: From payroll deductions to scheduled transfers, we make it simple to contribute funds to your HSA. And, an HSA Bank Visa® debit card makes it easy to use your HSA to pay for eligible healthcare expenses.
  • Online account management: Internet Banking gives you fast, easy access to your account 24 hours a day. Conveniently transfer funds, review statements or account balances, access tax documents, and much more...all available whenever or wherever you want.


HSA Bank is a division of Webster Bank, N.A., Member FDIC. Webster Financial Corporation is the holding company for Webster Bank, N.A.