Whether you have an established portfolio or are looking for the best way to manage your assets, our seasoned investment professionals provide customized solutions to help you build a financially secure future.

Building Your Financial Portfolio

Because we do not own or market proprietary products, we can deliver unbiased advice in helping you build a personalized, goal-based portfolio.

Wealth & Investment Management Solution

Portfolio Management based on your needs


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Investment Guidance, Evaluation & Selection

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Our Approach

At Webster Bank we provide a comprehensive and personalized approach to building your portfolio, including the following six stages:

Identify Long-term Goals

We work to understand your unique financial situation, objectives and goals for the future.

Develop A Strategic Plan

We develop a strategic, customized wealth management plan for achieving your vision.

Analyze Current Holdings

We measure success based on our clients' progress toward accomplishing their individual goals.


Select Investment Managers

We pair you with an investment manager whose expertise matches your needs, ensuring that we provide you with the level of personalized service that you deserve.

Recommend Tactical Adjustments

As your portfolio grows, we carefully monitor and recommend adjustments that are suited to maximize your earnings.

Provide Ongoing Risk Management

We are always available to discuss risk and offer ongoing support and guidance.


Webster Investment & Asset Management Team

At Webster Bank we customize portfolios to each individual's needs and goals. We deliver the unparalleled level of service that our customers deserve as they rely on our expertise to navigate the complexities of managing wealth.


Edward T. Wilson

SVP, Director of Portfolio Management

“As Director of Portfolio Management for Webster Private Bank, I create and manage customized investment portfolios for high net worth and institutional clients. I have over 25 years' experience serving the investment management, planning and fiduciary needs of a wide range of clients.”


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